Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"9mm is .45ACP set to stun"

I apologize for the lack of updates. Been busy lately and ran out of things to write for a while. I'll try to be more active. This will be a short post though. Next post will be about common calibers, their traits, costs, etc.

I figured I would write today on those self-proclaimed "gun experts". These can be anybody from gun store experts, to Call of Duty players. I want to say one thing first: Never take anybody's word as fact. Always do your own research when you can. Many questions people ask in the gun community are ones that can only be answered with personal opinion. Some seem to believe their own opinion to be fact.

Some of the things I've heard
"A .45 will throw a man into the air!" Lol no.
"You never have to clean an AK!" I must admit that I believed this when I was somewhat less educated.
"It's illegal to own X" Hear this one often. People often see a firearm in a movie or video game and assume it's automatically illegal. Of course this was Texas and you can own everything short of a biological weapon, and I'm pretty sure there are people lobbying for those.

Sorry about the short post. The next one will be much more informative and lengthy. 


  1. hmm. I've heard AKs are completely inaccurate from some people, they say even at 25 yards it will be inaccurate, and they tell me you're supposed to spray with them.

    Now I've never fired one and I will admit ignorance, but I always thought AKs were went to be fired like a rifle? And I always assumed they had to be at least SOMEWHAT accurate..

    Do you happen to know? :?

  2. Hope to see more posts from you soon! I've been anxiously awaiting updates for some time.

  3. I'm very glad you brought this up actually.

    Yes. AKs are rifles and meant to be shot like a rifle rifle. Though it's accuracy is largely dependent on the user and ammunition. AK's also typically have poor sights.

    But to answer your question actually, many people claim their AKs are capable of being reliably accurate out to 200-400m.

  4. >It's illegal to own X.
    Well, you americans are lucky, you will be prepared for the upcoming zombie invasion. Here you can only own handguns or hunting rifles.

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